Upcoming Features with the RNDX Token

Doongle is preparing new features that will lead the user experiences to a whole new level.

Doongle is adopting a new token economy that can expand the scope of service with better user experiences.

Official Currency in the Service - The RNDX Token

There are and will be services requiring payment such as sending e-gifts, exclusive services (will be available in the future). Also, users can earn RNDX tokens by creating hot content or watching ads. All the transactions and payments made in Doongle will be done with the RNDX token once the token is available and listed on the first cryptocurrency exchange.

Before the stabilization of the token economy, users are allowed to use the current payment method, but once the token economy settles, RNDX will be the sole method for the payment and reward.

Exclusive Services

The users desiring exclusive services will need RNDX token for acquiring access to the services. Among approximately 1.2 million users, top-notch ranked users will have free access to the exclusive services, but without being ranked, a certain amount of RNDX holding will be required to enter the exclusive service.

In the exclusive area, users will have better chance to meet the friends with high-rank and more interesting product such as on-demand video call or exclusvie packages.

Round X DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

RNDX will be functioning as the right to speak out not just a currency on the platform. If a user with a certain amount of RNDX wants to set a vote for a suggestion of a new service, user competition in a specific sector, or even other ideas, the user can suggest a vote within a qualified user group for DAO. The qualification standard will be set by the team at the first stage, but it can be adjusted by DAO's operation later.

Reward for Loyal Users and Ad Watchers

Users will get RNDX rewards just for signing up and normal activities such as posting, achievement. and ad watching. However, highly engaged users will be rewarded with more RNDX tokens. The user who put the hot content such as most viewed or liked will be rewarded a certain amount of RNDX tokens and the amount of token will be decided by automated calculation which measures a various aspect of the contribution to the platform. The amount of reward can be adjusted by the team or DAO's vote as explained above.

More active engagement in the platform will lead to more rewards so the platform can encourage users to participate more.

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